Hello my delicious friends!

First of all, I must apologise for my absence so soon after the creation of this blog. I set it up, made my first post and suddenly life was all up in the air! I have been very busy indeed lately, although it’s all very exciting!

As some people know, when events are coming up, I basically live for my costumes, and work day and night to get them finished. Old habits die hard, so as always, I’ve had a couple of all-nighters.

First of all, I have been to two comic cons back to back in February and March, for the first I was all busy making an 1880’s style bustle gown based on the main character of my novel, Cybelle DeHamphir, and using one of my favourite patterns which I had finally gotten my mitts on, Simplicity 5457. I wore this to MCM Midlands at the International Centre Telford, and for an original character, it got lots of attention, which was a nice surprise! It was also my little brother’s first comic con, so I was showing him the ropes and introducing him to the wonderful world of nerd-dom! We had a lot of fun, and as I am rather proud of it, I’ll show you the dress. It’s very steampunk gothic friendly, I love the fabric (even if it was a pain)!

For the second convention, following MCM to Birmingham NEC, I got to meet up with a whole bunch of my Assassin’s Creed brothers and sisters! As most of my pictures feature the group, I won’t post many as I would need both theirs and the photographer’s permissions, but I will show you what I looked like as Evie Frye, my all time favourite game character! I LOVED working on this costume, but then, I always love costuming characters I love and admire…which is why I always find myself going back to Miss Frye for cosplay. I am also extremely surprised and happy to announce that I won a runner up prize in the cosplay masquerade, and was presented with a trophy and £75 worth of craft vouchers! I now have an ungodly amount of sewing patterns!


Two days before comic con, I also got to visit the sewing show that was going on at the NEC at the same time. Again I came away with a lot of sewing patterns (corsets and 50’s swing dresses, I can’t help myself) and some new projects. I also got to see some absolutely gorgeous period costumes on display.

Finally and most importantly (and also the main reason I have been away, as I have had to make my portfolio a main priority), I had an interview for my first choice university….AND GOT IN! I’m so so happy, and I can’t wait. So in September, I officially start studying my degree in costume design and practice! I can’t tell you how excited I am, it’s one step closer to a dream of mine!

So, as you can imagine, it has been a mental couple of months. However, fret not! I am back and my next blog post is in progress! The next one will be on a subject I get asked about a great deal in steampunk/alternative circles, so I hope my advice will be useful. I have a few things coming up, and lots of events and days planned over summer, so I’ll be posting as frequently as possible, and I’ll try to keep them a little more useful than today’s.

I am having a little trouble deciding on subjects for my posts though, so any requests or ideas would be most welcome. Also naturally, I will try to keep you up to date on my continuing quest to become a professional costumier! I hope it might give inspiration, motivation or enjoyment to someone out there with similar dreams.

Au revoir for now!


Love and Tea,

I. I. Laverick


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