So I feel the need to start with an introduction. I have hosted blogs before but I want this one to be a little bit different…so if you stay with me on this for a moment, you’ll understand the bizarre nature of my blog posts! Magic!

So for those who don’t know me, hello! My name is Imogen, otherwise known as I. I. Laverick, author of the gothic/steampunk dark fantasy novel, Dead Night. I am also a full time goth/steampunk (yes, that means every day) and dressmaker and cosplayer, about to hopefully pursue a degree (and hopefully also a career) in costume design and practice. I adore all things historical, fantastical and gothic, and read like Hermione Granger two weeks before OWLs.

And the reason you need to know this? Well, this blog is a little bit like me: mad, sporadic and can’t choose a subject! You can expect book reviews, fiction writing articles, sewing/upcycling tutorials, steampunk culture articles, and a few things in between. I’ll try to keep everything nice and easy to sort through.

So basically, expect the unexpected. I’ll try to sort the posts into Steampunk, tutorials, writing or similar catagories so you can find them, but you may have to bear with me as I get used to WordPress. Also, due to things like trying to get into university, and re-writing my first novel (and I’ve got to be honest, comic con), I won’t have a posting schedule yet. I will however, be updating my social media whenever I post something new, so feel free to find me via the links on bookface, twitter and instagram.

There’s a post categories menu, a search bar and a blog archive at the bottom of the page, for all your navigating needs!

So if you’re a little bit mad, welcome to my little corner of the internet! And if you’re not…welcome anyway (we can always turn you, don’t worry).

I hope my experience and thoughts on costume, steampunk and fiction are useful to some of you, and if not entertaining. Thank you for stopping by!


Love and tea,

I. I. Laverick.


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